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The battle against plastic

6 September, 2020

Plastics is one of the most widely used materials to make many things. The plastic bag is the most frequently used product of the plastic industry. Plastics cause most damage to the environment. Everyday, thousands of plastic bags are dumped on the environment. Some of these plastic bags find their way to the sea. These bags float on the surface and are sometimes eaten by aquatic animals like turtles. The plastic would get lodged in their throats blocking the airways and causing death.

Some countries have implemented laws against the use of plastics. Instead of using plastic bags, these countries encourage the use of bio-degradable cloth bags. Anyone using plastic bags in these countries would be breaking the law and would be fined. The use of plastics must be reduced so that the environment would be saved from one of the most harmful things. The use of plastic bags would be banned if all the people in the world believe the scientists and environmentalists who are working hard to save Mother Nature.

For the use of plastic to be reduced, every country must stop the manufacture of plastic bags and start making bio-degradable bags. Every person must listen to the environmentalists and try not to dump their garbage in any place. Every person has his duty towards the environment. So let us reduce the use of plastics.


Ismail Atheef,

Grade 11,

Hejaaz International School,

Mt. Lavinia.