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First Agro Technology Park in Hambantota

6 September, 2020

The first ever Agro Technology Park in Sri Lanka set up at Bata Atha Hungama in the Hambantota district trains paddy farmers in modern technological farming methods which cover machine paddy transplanting, parachuting method of paddy cultivation, hand transplanting and traditional methods of transplanting.

The Agro Technology Park was set up by the Information and Communication Centre of the Department of Agriculture as a tribute to the farming community.

The OIC of the Pakrk K.W.R.Keerthi said that the aim of behind the setting up of the Agro Technology Park was to provide knowledge and new technological techniques to the farming communityand also to make tourists aware of the traditional methods of farming.

He said that the orchard at the park has been set up to grow under utilised fruits such as Veralu, Uguressa, madan,himbatu, galsiyambala, Anoda and Nelli.In addition, papaya mango, pineapple and rambuttan are also grown here.

The OIC of the park said that a modern traditional chena has been established where maize, cowpea and kurakkan are cultivated throughout the year. In a plot of land at the park there is a variety of wet and dry zone flowers

At the commercial vegetable cultivation unit, dry and wet zone vegetables are cultivated successfully despite the dry weather in the Hambantota district by using a sprinkler water system. A traditional home garden is also maintained.

This Agro Technological Park has proved to be a boon to the farming community not only in Hambantota district but also in all districts in the island.

It consists of a cafeteria where local food and beverages are served. It caters not only to visitors to the park but also to passers by.