How Lady Gaga pulled off her 9 Epic MTV VMA looks | Sunday Observer

How Lady Gaga pulled off her 9 Epic MTV VMA looks

6 September, 2020

When Lady Gaga wants to create a fashion moment, you know it’s going to be spectacular. At the MTV Video Music Awards, the pop legend won big with five moon-person statues and a thrilling performance of

Rain on Me with Ariana Grande, and she did it in true Gaga fashion. With nine different looks spread out across the evening, Gaga provided the evening’s fashion fix and a timely reminder that wearing a mask doesn’t have to be a chore. As she cycled through Christopher John Roger’s larger than life emerald ball gowns,Valentino Couture catsuits, and dominatrix-worthy latex from Vex Clothing, she did so in custom face coverings that spoke to her legacy of outré style. Detailed with sequins, rubber, and even tusks, they added visual interest to outfits already brimming with elaborate embellishments.

If the show took you back to the days of The Fame and the star’s boundary-pushing beginnings, that was deliberate, according to Gaga’s longtime stylist and fashion director, Nicola Formichetti. “It was almost like a study on Gaga,” shared Formichetti on the phone from Los Angeles.

“Obviously the looks for the red carpet and the speeches were much more sophisticated, and then the performance was ’80s inspired, punk rock, Gaga. We wanted to show the whole spectrum of Gaga because she’s not just one thing, and that’s what I love about who she is. She can sing, dance, play the piano, be classic, avant-garde, or street, so we wanted to show all of that.”

Multiple incarnations of Gaga were on display, united through the consistent use of masks.

Each look was complemented by a face covering that either coordinated perfectly (Cecilio Designs’s bubblegum mouth muzzle blended into a rainbow-tinted Iris van Herpen mini-dress) or upped the weird factor (Lance Victor Moore’s tusked pony skin mask added a steampunk touch to Christopher John Roger’s grand dame gown). Unlike the masks, she’s worn throughout her career—think, the white lace Phillip Treacy version she sported to the 2010 Brit Awards or the Phantom of the Opera-esque number she sported at her VMA debut back in 2019—those chosen for the VMAs symbolised the coronavirus pandemic.

Utilising the accessory to make a statement about health and wellbeing was part of the plan from the beginning. “Gaga wanted this idea of mask-wearing and being socially distanced at the forefront, as a big message,” says Formichetti. “It doesn’t have to be this boring, suffocating thing; it’s fun for us. We’ve been doing it and we want to continue doing it because it’s right for today.”