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Kavikaara Suhadiniye

6 September, 2020

Singer Diron Fernando is singer, with multiple talents related to the music industry, dubbing artist and writer. He gained an identity and holds a remarkable place in the hearts of people in Sri Lanka, through his passionate and daring performances.

He initially placed his print as a keyboard player in the field of music and has proven his performance as a keyboardist in hundreds of live shows island-wide, thus capturing media attention and attaining a significant place in the Sri Lankan music industry.

With time, he has earned his place as one of the most innovative, fresh and creative composers of the younger generation and attracted everyone in terms of versatility. Thus, Diron together with the artistically passionate and talent-driven team originated the song.

Diron together with the Kavikaara Suhadiniye, team shared the journey of the song, with the Youth Observer.

Q: Was music something you wanted to do?

A: Music is something I love, besides music I do get involved in a lot of technicalities of music as well, while the trendsetting software I handle, enables me to compose music for songs, jingles, short films and documentaries in a unique compositional style, which attracts a great number of audiences belonging to any age and era.

I am arranger and sound designer for other music composers too and maintain a good rapport with other artistes in the industry. I have worked with many Indian musicians and sound engineers as well.

Q:  You are very artistically inclined?

A: Yes, I am a dubbing artist for commercial advertisements, TV/radio documentaries and teledramas too.

Q: How did this song happen?

A: This song was composed in 2014, It was the Tamil version sung by popular South Indian playback singer Srinivas. Titled Azhagaana Panithuliye. Shakthi Superstar singer Roy Jackson showed interest in a Sinhala version of this song and his motivation encouraged me to make this happen.

Q:  The song has many involved, what inspired the collaboration?

A: Usually, the collaboration of talents creates success without any doubt. For this video, I composed the music and produced the video. Cashien Mathews, an upcoming talented young man directed this music video. Rishi Selvam handled the camera. Susantha Ranuka looked after the Sinhala lyrics. Yasir Nizardeen was the editor. Colour grading was done by the well-known Anjelo Jones from Buzz U. Makeup artist Dhanu Jay contributed to this video. Dhanusek Vijayakumaran looked after the production management on behalf of my label D-Media.

Q: What is the most interesting part of doing this song?

A: Except for the lyricist and models, all the others who worked for this video are Tamils. I hope this is something new and interesting in the Sinhala music scene. And we always believe that through the arts we can build up the harmony between the communities and this is the best example I guess.

Q: What’s unique about the production?

A: As a composer, I’m in the Sri Lankan Tamil music industry for the past 20 years. And this is my first direct Sinhala music video and this release is something unique in my career. I hope I will get a decent welcome from the Sinhala audience. Waiting to give more to the Sinhala music industry.

Q: How long was the song in the making?

A: We recorded the song in December 2019, planned to shoot the song in early 2020, but as you all know the plan has been pushed back due to the coronavirus issue. Later, we had the shoot in August this year again and released the song within a week.