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Low-cost trucks from Ishara Lorry Body Builders

6 September, 2020
Harshi Ishara Manamendra
Harshi Ishara Manamendra

Ishara Lorry Body Builders of Pitakotte has introduced a low cost truck body for those hoping to launch or improve their food business.

Managing Director  of Ishara Lorry Body Builders, Harshi Ishara Manamendra said, “Even though these  types of food trucks are popular in other parts of the world, it  has been introduced in Sri Lanka for the first time by Ishara Lorry Body Builders.”

“Shifting businesses to the mobile sphere has become more important than ever. We have introduced a range of products to suit customers’ budgets.   We provide height extendable and size expandable food trucks using hydraulics and food trailers built to solid engineering standards.  Apart from standard lorry bodies, we build half beds, flat beds and vehicle carriers,” she said.

“Eating street food from a food truck is a different kind of an experience which includes seeing the food being prepared and indulging in the experience with all your senses while having the food. Therefore, we designed the kitchens with the customer experience in mind. Two people  can work in these trucks which include high pressure stoves, grills, prepping area, water tank, waste water tank, kitchen canopies, generator, solar power, refrigerator, CCTV, plumbing and wiring. We can customise designs while ensuring high safety standards,” said Manamendra, a mechanical engineer by profession.

“The bodies are  designed and fabricated by our own technical staff,” she said.