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Nimal Lokuge - Chairman, Agstar

6 September, 2020
 Nimal Lokuge
Nimal Lokuge

Nimal Lokuge has been appointed Chairman of Agstar PLC following the retirement of its long-time Chairman Rohan Karunaratne.

Lokuge, who was part of the nucleus as a Director when Agstar PLC commenced operations in 2002 will lead the forays of the rising star in agriculture overseeing what is evidently emerging as an agri-centric Sri Lanka in the 2020’s.

Lokuge was also a founder director of Sierra Construction.

Rohan Karunaratne as the Founder of CIC Agri Business, spearheaded the setting up of new agricultural ventures in fertilizer, seed, planting material, biotechnology, agro consultancy and agri technology.

His contribution to the development of the country’s agricultural industry included the development of public/private partnerships in agriculture by transforming the management of large State-owned farms.