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Asia Capital to undergo restructuring

13 September, 2020
Nishan Sumanadeera
Nishan Sumanadeera

Amidst ongoing negotiations between Japanese and Malaysian investors of Asia Capital PLC (ACAP), the company appointed Frontier Capital Partners, a firm headed by Investment Banker Nishan Sumanadeera as the legal and financial consultant to head restructuring and to restore confidence among foreign investors of Asia Capital PLC.

“We have appointed Sumanadeera to relook at our assets portfolio and we are confident that he will guide the future direction of the Asia Capital Group to add value and to drive innovation to the original investments made by the foreign investors in the company,” Executive Director of Asia Capital PLC, Stefan Abeyesinhe said.

“We will also look at further diversification going forward as a group into new sectors. Financial services would be a main focus along with shipping, logistics and imported substitution related industries,” he said. Sumanadeera had already previously worked for Asia Capital PLC prior to his retirement in 2009 before the current senior management was appointed.

Sumanadeera said, “Investors in this company have placed their confidence in me and Frontier Capital team’s financial and legal guidance to make sure Asia Capital will be positioned back to the place it had during the golden days of Investment Banking in Sri Lanka.”