Enemy in Sri Laka | Sunday Observer

Enemy in Sri Laka

13 September, 2020

Moving across on board a plane
Landed mute on Sri Lankan plain
It was behind the few but slain
Little could do it in English plain

President Gotabaya formed a force task
No stone unturned to halt its long last
Then made compulsory wearing a mask
All the people followed suit fast

We must obey the rules thus
Fight to the end this enemy lust
All must unite without fuss
The fact remains that this is a must

Commander Shavendra spear headed the case
Director Jasinghe health properly guided his phase
This one couldn’t last long its race
Both Commander and the Director handled it safe

Doctors, nurses and inspectors of health
In the given situation they did the best
C.O. D.O G.S were at the test
The Triffle forces did the rest

All masses adhere to the prescribed law
That did make the death rate law
It is a matter praise worthy for
Else the deaths would have been more

World leaders did commend the act
Why not surely the able tact
Three hearty cheers for his actions apt
President Gota is brave in fact

Saving the masses from this terrible fate
One might tend to offer him an intimate date
Age is the barrier mind you mate
A bouquet of lotus buds for President the great\

Sunil Fernando