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A seminar on essay writing techniques

13 September, 2020

Y. Atchuthan, Assistant Lecturer in English at the Advanced Technological Institute, Vavuniya and an expert in academic and creative writings skills conducted a seminar on essay writing techniques for the G.C.E O/L students at Puthukkulam Maha Vidyalaya, Vavuniya recently.

This seminar was organised for the students in collaboration with the Provincial Department of Education, Northern Province and Vavuniya North Educational Zone. Nearly 140 students and ten teachers from several schools in the zone benefited from the session conducted by the expert. The main focus of the seminar was to enable the students write essays effectively in the English language paper at G.C.E O/L examination.

“Mr. Y. Atchuthan introduces an easy way for essay writing. He provides familiar clues to extend the sentences in a detailed manner and shows an effective way of composing paragraphs from simple sentences written with well-known vocabularies.

His teaching on the construction of extended sentences and composing paragraphs was excellent and beneficial to all students and teachers”, said the teachers who participated in the seminar.

A rare enthusiasm was observed in the students after the session and they expressed their happiness as follows - “This seminar helped us significantly to secure good grades in the examinations.

Though we were scared and found numerous difficulties in essay writing, now we believe we can do better".

Considering the numerous difficulties and challenges faced by the students in essay writing, this special project who launched in four educational zones in the province this year.