Athletes’ nutritional allowance to be doubled | Sunday Observer

Athletes’ nutritional allowance to be doubled

13 September, 2020

Sri Lanka’s elite athletic poolists are to receive the good news that their allowance for nutrition will be doubled soon.

This decision was arrived at after holding discussions with experts in nutrition. According to medical experts an athlete should be paid at least Rs.1000 per day.

“We provide the allowance so that the athlete can purchase the nutrition needed to build their physical strength, but without mental fitness he or she cannot reach their maximum output. With the allowance being doubled they can look after their family members too and have sufficient finances to obtain the nutrition for themselves.

“This will give the athlete the mental peace to concentrate on their event without worry,” said one official. The ministry has advised a few Associations to select their pools and these poolists will then be given the allowance.

Currently, the Department of Sports development provides Rs. 750 per day for each athlete. This is given on a monthly basis or for food in hostels.

“We discussed this matter with the Minister and he has agreed to increase this allowance. But not all athletes will be entitled to this allowance,” said an official of the Ministry.

“We discussed this matter with the North Western University and will sign a Memorandum of Understanding soon. This university has the expertise about nutrition in Sri Lanka and we hope to get their maximum support to solve this problem.”