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Head hunt for budding sports students

13 September, 2020
Sports and Youth Affairs Minister Namal Rajapaksa and Education Minister GL Peiris meet heads of sports schools
Sports and Youth Affairs Minister Namal Rajapaksa and Education Minister GL Peiris meet heads of sports schools

Schoolboys and schoolgirls identified with sporting talents and living in less privileged regions in the country will have their cherished dream of enrolling at sporting schools in Colombo following a directive by Sports Minister Namal Rajapaksa in association with Education Minister GL Peiris.

The budding sports-oriented students will be selected once they reach Grade Eight or 13 years and will be assured of showcasing their talents as one of the steps taken by Minister Rajapaksa to create a sports culture that could snowball into professionalism.

A written ruling has already being issued to all heads of schools that indulge in sports throughout the country to identify and promote sporting talent as well as to absorb selected boys and girls into schools that possess facilities to improve their sporting prowess.

At a meeting held this week with principals of sports schools Minister Rajapaksa and Minister GL Peiris both called on heads of schools and sports masters to implement the programme at grass root level which is the main theme.

Sporting students who reach specified qualifying standards will have to face interviews before they get the green light to enroll at their new sport schools.

Manpower for these sports schools, physical development, redevelopment of existing ground facilities, improving hostel facilities and other essential needs will be provided through the Ministry of Sports and the coordination of Education Ministry while the Army too will extend its fullest support for this venture. A former Sri Lanka rugby forward, Minister Rajapaksa pledged a revolution in sports in the country in his first meeting with journalists soon after taking his oaths last month.

“All sports in the country will be given opportunities to develop and the welfare of all sportsmen and women will be taken into account,” Minister Rajapaksa declared.

Last month he also launched out on a blueprint for national sports.