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Sri Lankan attains highest position in Italy sports

13 September, 2020
Kelum Perera
Kelum Perera

Kelum Perera, a 36-year old popular character in Italy has become the first Sri Lankan to function in what can be the highest profile sporting position overseas.

He is currently the Vice President of the Athletic Commission at the Italian Olympic Committee as well as the Chief Executive Officer of the Italy Cricket Federation.

Italy is a country which has produced thousands of Olympians over the years and they are highly involved in sports.

The Italian Olympic Committee known as ‘Italian Coni’ is the main sports administrative body with over 9500 clubs actively involving in various kinds of sports.

Kelum Perera was born in Florence, Italy to Sri Lankan parents Kumaradasa and Asoka Perera and started off his sports career by playing soccer.

His father Kumaradasa Perera played cricket for Ananda College and later for Lake House in the Nationalized Services and Mercantile cricket tournaments.

Former Sri Lankan cricketers J.C Gamage and Anusha Samaranayake and the late Niroshan Ramanayake were in Italy at the time and played a part in shaping Kelum’s cricketing career that went up to a place in the national team of Italy after captaining junior teams. He was also the head coach of the Italy team.

“Entering the management of such an organization is not possible for everyone. And to see a Sri Lankan actively involved in the management of an organization of that nature is truly a rare feat,” said Kelum Perera.

“My parents always backed me for success in my career. I am the youngest official at the Italian Olympic Committee and hope to continue my services to develop sports in Italy.”