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I hope to win a world title soon - Ransilu Jayathilake Sri Lanka Powerlifting Champion

13 September, 2020

The Commonwealth Games is a major, global sports championship. It ranks third among the sports tournaments organised in the world sports arena. The Olympics and the World Championships are the most prominent global games as they have massive participation by players worldwide. However, some of the games are not accepted as Olympic sports yet. The World Championships can be considered as a great festival of such sports. Powerlifting is not yet recognised as an Olympic event. But it is a prominent global game now. Many spectators come to see the powerlifting competitions held all over the world. It is expected that powerlifting will be included in the Olympic Games in the near future. Sri Lanka can be more hopeful about this event once that happens and but at present , we have produced the world’s number seven player Ransilu Jayathilaka. The Youth Observer met him to speak about his outstanding career.

Q: Ransilu, Covid-19 has affected the whole world badly especially sports. As a sportsman how did you react to the pandemic?

A: It was not easy. We were frustrated. Every sports competition postponed and it affected us badly. However, we automatically got a short break from sports to think about our lives. As a sportsman, I followed the guidelines of the Government correctly and faced the pandemic well.

Q:  How about your practices during this period?

A: I am trying to get back to my normal routine now. However, I never stopped my personal training at home. I hope this situation will totally t change in the next few months.

Q:  Have you planned to represent Sri Lanka in any international competition this year? Do you think that it will be held in this situation?

A: Yes. I think all problems will settle shortly. We cannot live in fear of our lives forver.

As humans we have faced more tragic times in the past years. But no pandemic has ever defeated us in history. We have fought all of tragedies and faced them strongly. Covid is also like that We are the heroes who faced that pandemic and it will be written in human history. So,, I wish to compete again in this year.

Q: Do you have an idea as to which competitions will be held this year and in which competitions do you hope to participate?

A :We missed one world championship in this year. However, I hope to participate in one of the Asian category championship in this year. But we know the Asian Classic and Equipped Powerlifting Championships were also canceled by the host country.

Before it canceled the championships Indonesia had been planning to conduct it this December. Still, I am hoping a game will be conducted in the Asian region.

Q:  You are the champion of your weight category in powerlifting sports in Sri Lanka. We like to know what you feel about it? Have you any challengers for your national title in powerlifting?

A: I never condemn another sportsman. But at present, I have no challenge in my weight category. I have never missed a practice session yet because, I have a target to achieve.

Q:  What is your target in the powerlifting arena? Would you like to share it with us?

A: Sure. My main target is the World Championship. Currently I am in the first ten powerlifters of the world players in my weight category. I need to win a World title in near future. I hope it will not be a dream only.

Q:  Before becoming a powerlifter, you were a weight lifter. Why did you change your path?

A: You are correct. I did weightlifting in the past. I have represented the country and won medals. Chinthana Vidanagamage is one of my contemporaries. But in weightlifting you must spend more time to win a medal internationally. So, I try to fulfill it in the powerlifting field.

Q:  Do you mean that powerlifting is an easy sport anyone can get involved in?

A: No. This is not an easy game. You know that powerlifting is a strength sport and to win one has to achieve three steps. It consists of three attempts at maximal weight on the three lifts, which are the squat, bench press and the deadlift. Now, can you say that it is an easy game or not?

Q:  Why did you select this game?

A: I told you before that if anyone has weightlifting skills he can start powerlifting too. Anyone with plenty of strength can engage in this event. That is the real truth. I saw the path to success through this game and gave up weightlifting.

Q:  Power enhancing drugs is a major problem in our sports. Are these prohibited stimulants drugs used in powerlifting?

A: There is no difference for this game also. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has given us the directions on how to control the drugs. A few Sri Lankan players had been disqualified in an international meet recently after it was proved that they had used power enhancing drugs. It is a misunderstanding to think that the game can be controlled without the WADA. These regulations will help measure the true strength of an athlete.

Q:  Powerlifting is not an Olympic sport as yet?

A: You are correct. It is not recognised as an Olympic game yet. You must look ar the word ‘yet’ carefully. It is mean powerlifting will become an Olympic sport in the near future. The International Powerlifting Federation now works with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and it will be affiliated as an Olympic game soon. Then day we will much opportunity in this game.

Q:  Do you believe that we can win an Olympic medal when powerlifting is recognised by the IOC?

A: Definitely. At this moment, I am among the first ten in the world in my weight category. During w the next few years I hope that I can win a world title. Other Sri Lankan players will come forward to win international medals in the future. I would like to showcase my path in the for them to fulfill that target.

Q:  You have more qualifications than many of the sportsman in Sri Lanka. Would you like to speak about it?

A: Yes. I enhanced both my physical and mental skills together. I woni n the game at national and international levels and also improved my paper qualifications as well. I qualified with a degree in sports marketing and followed physical fitness courses as well. Now, I am a physical trainer of many sports teams in rugger and the national football team. I run my own gymnasium in Colombo .