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Definition of Bravery in Adversity

Mulan Leadership, Honour, Commitment

13 September, 2020

Disney’s most muscular feminine live-action remake to date, Mulan was released last week. One of the major releases that was pushed back due to Covid-19. The makers decided to go for an online streaming and a theatrical release, which I must say is a disservice to an exceptional movie like this to be released online. Niki Caro’s Junior Wuxia narration of a girl warrior in ancient China goes all out on the spectacle. There is no blood, except for a scene or two. A smart subliminal acknowledgement that a film with this much extravagant swordplay should, by right, be awash with gore.

Caro inherited a schematic plot – Mulan (Liu Yifei) risks shame for her family when she dresses as a boy and goes to fight in her father’s place. But the film-makers strip away the softer elements – there are no songs (thank God for that) to reveal a propulsive action-adventure. The combat sets are terrific; the scale of the storytelling is epic.

Yifei Liu’s performance lends credibility and evokes emotions to the heartstring tugging scenes. As many others have said, this movie is visually stunning. You can tell there’s Hollywood influence in how the battle scenes have been filmed (a la Braveheart and Gladiators).

What Mulan teaches society and girls

This gorgeous movie is the classic remake of the Disney cartoon version of ‘Mulan’ 22 years ago. it teaches us the timeless values of valour, loyalty and truthfulness, these three words describe the movie perfectly, and commit towards what you need and love the most. To be brave, and embark on the path you chose, whatever the outcome may be. No, whatever adversities in life, we have the heroine within us. Mulan is now being shown at all leading Scope cinemas, and a special thank you to Scope for taking health precautionary measures to ensure the safety for cinemagoers and adjusting perfectly to the Covid-19 situation in the country, without taking the cinema experience away.