International Day of Democracy today | Sunday Observer

International Day of Democracy today

15 September, 2020

Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa in a message to mark United Nations International Day of Democracy which falls today said that it is a matter of pride for a country like Sri Lanka to be able to stand up as representatives of democracy, because for years, Sri Lanka has rallied against governments that do not hold elections and have worked against its own people.

“International Democracy Day provides an opportunity to review the state of democracy in the world.” he said. “In today’s human society, everyone believes that their democratic rights must be guaranteed. We believe that the goal of democracy should be to protect their right to life, liberty and happiness.”

The Prime Minister said that he was reminded of the time he went to the Geneva Human Rights Council to defend Sri Lanka’s democratic rights and ensure that Sri Lankan citizens had a say in how their country was governed. “At that time we wished to end terrorism and bring peace to the country and to consolidate democracy in Sri Lanka.”

“We declare our commitment as a government to continue to hold free and fair elections on time and to uphold the noble values of democracy that the people have placed upon us.

Today, International Democracy Day, I invite all Sri Lankans to step into the world of the future as a free, independent and sovereign state while preserving democracy.”