Surf Mirissa in London and Melbourne | Sunday Observer

Surf Mirissa in London and Melbourne

20 September, 2020

Inspired by the popular Sri Lankan surfing destination Mirissa, Surf Mirissa was launched as a start-up clothing brand in 2015.

Gradually evolving its presence from pop-up stores based in Colombo initially to leading retail stores. The brand recently established a small presence in London and Melbourne in a number of stores owned by Sri Lankans living in the two cities. The latest Surf Mirissa Collection was launched in August 2020, drawing inspiration from tropical elements of Sri Lanka and the island lifestyle.

The brand launches a new collection every two months with its designs promoting the surfing culture around the coasts in Sri Lanka. Surf Mirissa even has a dedicated collection to promote Sri Lankan surf destinations such as Unawatuna, Mirissa, Arugam Bay and Hiriketiya. Its owner, Nimesh Yatawara said, “We are focused on offering fashionable, comfortable and meaningful beach lifestyle inspired clothing in Sri Lanka and beyond.

“Our vision is to see the brand expand globally, while taking the message of the local surf scene with us. “While developing into a more successful brand, we also want to divert attention to popular surf destinations in the country and the community,” he said.