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The greatest gift I received from God

20 September, 2020

The greatest gift I received from God is my mother. She is the greatest woman in the world. She is a heroine who has all the magical powers to make my life beautiful. My mother lights up my life with all her efforts. She lives in my heart. When she smiles her eyes twinkle like bright stars in the sky. She gave me happiness throughout my life with loving kindness. She stays beside me in happiness and sorrow. Even though she blames me sometimes for my mischief, it is for my good. I feel that my mother is a fairy who came from heaven to delight my life. She wants to see me victorious and she likes to see me as a good person in society. Sometimes she is a teacher and at times a doctor as well as a good friend to me. I will definitely make her dreams a reality. I love my mother very much.


Sathyanga Karunarathne.

Grade 9,

Lakdasa De Mel College,