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The value of sports

20 September, 2020

Sport is vital for the healthy growth of human beings. It helps us to develop both physically and mentally. Healthy food can make you grow in size. Yet your body needs exercise to maintain good health.

When you eat too many sweets and oily food your body becomes fat. That does not mean that you are healthy. Obesity (fat) can lead to diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes. If you do regular exercises by taking part in sports and games you will be healthy.

Sports and games help us to have a healthy mind. In a game like cricket while you exercise your body you learn to make correct decisions, aim at something accurately and accept victory and defeat in the same spirit. Games also teach us to be honest and fair. There are certain rules in games and when we follow the rules we automatically learn fair play. It is the same in every game and we could apply this in our day to day activities. Sports and games are very valuable in building a good personality.


K.L.D. Ayona Lakshary,

Grade 8,

De Mazenod College,