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Victims of road accidents

20 September, 2020

Road accidents are among the most common types of disasters in Sri Lanka. Many lives are lost due to road accidents. Why I referred to lives, rather than ‘people’, is because humans are not the only victims of road accidents.

On July 20, a dog was knocked down by a vehicle. Run over by it, the dog suffered a nasty wound on its hind leg. Luckily, we were able to take it to the Animal Hospital in Negombo, where the wound was sutured. Now, the dog, whom we call ‘Oreo’, lives with us.

This is just one victim out of millions in this country. Not only dogs, but in many accidents where animals such as cats, snakes and even peacocks lose their lives, or suffer for the rest of their lives, due to road accidents.

Will Sri Lanka be able to stop road accidents, without ruining the lives of people, as well as animals?


Lihini Wijesekara,

Pre A/L Sci B,

Lyceum International School, Wattala.