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Hana Shafa : A rising star of song at sweet seventeen

20 September, 2020

 At sweet seventeen the world is at your feet. You can do so many things if you have the talent. This may be by design or by accident. For sweet Hana Shafa, just turned seventeen it was a life changing experience which shot her into the dazzling glare of the public limelight. After entering the finals of a TV Reality Show, Sirasa TV ‘s The Voice –Teens and reaching the Knock out round Hana is now climbing the ladder of success as an up and coming singer.

Her recently released mash up recorded one million views in two days and was trending at the number one spot for two weeks. Currently, the mash up has recorded nearly five million views. The mash up includes Yanna Yanawada (Nilan Hettiarachchi), Siri Sangabo (B n S) and Sanda wage penawa, a song from Hana Shafa’s forthcoming album. Her coach at the Knock out round of The Voice-Teens said this of Hana’s tremendous success with the Mash up. ‘ So proud of you Hana. You don’t need to win a competition to prove your talent. U are already a star. U used this platform well to prove that. Another popular singer Yohani said ‘Keep rocking girl’.

Her rendition of Mihindu Ariyaratne’s song Chakithaya at the Blind Auditions of The Voice–Teens was picked up by You Tube and garnered three million views and was trending at the number one spot for two weeks. Ariyaratne posted this comment on Youtube on this occasion. ‘That was great Hana. All the best for the rest of the competition’.

Songstress Adele’s Rolling in the deep was Hana Shafa’s choice of a song for the Knock out segment of The Voice–Teens. Her rendition of this song was chosen by You Tube’s Voice Global under the category Best of July.

As a GCE Advanced Level student at the Pricess of Wales College, Moratuwa Hana was concentrating on her studies and traditional dancing. Her goal was to walk the hallowed portals of Hulftsdorp as a lawyer. The subjects that she chose for the Advaced Level exam, geography, history and media was in keeping with the realisation of this lofty goal. The thought of being a professional singer never entered her head.

However, Hana Shafa’s musical talents were being nurtured in the bosom of her musical family. She is also a member of the College choir and has played the trumpet in the western band and the geta beraya in the Hewisi band.

Well aware of her teen age daughter’s singing ability, mother Priyanthi Gamage sent in an entry for Sirasa TV’s The Voice–Teens. When Hana aired her misgivings about competing Priyanthi told her just to give it a try.

Hana did so and sailed through the Blind Audition segment singing Chakithaya. For the segment Battle Round she Nago nago by Nozia and for the Knock out round her choice was Rolling in the deep by Adele. At this last round she had to compete with four other entrants . After the Battle Round she signed on with BnS.

Hana Shafa’s first public perforemance was at the Vihara Maha Devi Park recently. Organized by Jana Crew it drew a large crowd who showed much appreciation for the teen age singer’ performance. Hana Shafa was featured with big names such as B n S, Dushyanth,Stephanie and Yohanie. Her next public performance is scheduled for October 10 and will be with the band Two forty two and Billy Fernando.

Fame has not changed Hana Shafa . She is still a simple , sweet teenager aspiring to shine in the two diverse spheres of singing and law.

When she burst into the world of song it meant a hard choice for Hana who was pursuing her other love, dancing in addition to her academic work. She now had to decide between dancing and singing. Based on her achievements as a singer Hana Shafa decided to turn professional singer. Though she has put dancing on the back burner for the moment she hopes to revert back to it someday.

Hana Shafa sings mainly rock but she is good at singing other genres too. Asked why she opted for rock she said that Chakithaya was a rock song which received an excellent response and that was the deciding factor for her to focus on rock.

With taking the plunge into the glamorous world of professional singing Hana Shafa’s days have become extremely hectic but she is very adept at time management and balances both academic work and singing. She also said that she loves both studies and singing and therefore it is no hardship for her to do both.

Asked about her future plans she said that she wants to do something unique with music and help others by becoming a lawyer. She plans to release an album with eight songs in January 2021 . Prior to this musical videos of three of the songs in the album will be released.

For relaxation Hana loves to dance, listen to music and watch movies.

Pandit Amaradeva and Ashanti de Alwis are among her favourites on the local scene. Hana says she just loves Ashanti’s performance style. Rihanna and Selena Gomez too are hot favourites with her.

Hana respects all religions and firmly believes adherence to religious principles makes one a better human being.

Hana Shafa is very grateful to all those who have helped her in her journey to success as a singer. To the Principal of Princess of Wales College, Malini Samarakoon and the music teacher Ashani Weerasooriya Hana expresses her deepest gratitude. She is also thankful to her dancing teachers Gayan Manoj Kumara and Manjula. She is also deeply thankful to Sirasa TV, all at BnS, Ashanti, Mihindu and each and everyone who helps with her current singing. Career.

To mother Priyanthi, father Asgar, brothers Shohel and Shihan, sisters Ayesha and Nadha Hana expresses loving and heartfelt thanks for all their support.