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Unplanned, ad-hoc construction - NBRO

21 September, 2020

The National Building Research Organization (NBRO) has deployed an investigation team to probe into the incident where a multi-storied building collapsed on a hotel at Buwelikada, Kandy yesterday (20), NBRO Director (Landslide Research and Risk Management Division) R.M.S. Bandara said.

According to senior chartered geologist Laksiri Indritilake, the NBRO team was carrying out the technical inquiry into the incident while assisting the rescue operation carried out by the military forces.

“As per our observations the collapsed building is an ad-hoc construction which had been erected blocking a valley path,”Indratilake said.

“Water flows from above grounds via a valley path. From our preliminary observations, it is evident that this building has been constructed blocking such a valley path. No safety precautions had been taken either when building it. It is a weak and ad-hoc construction which has failed due to unnecessary load of the construction upon the ground,” Indratilake added.

“When a building like this is constructed, especially in an area like Kandy, clearance must be taken from the respective Urban Council or from the Urban Development Authority. In Kandy, since 2011, clearance from NBRO is compulsory for a construction like this. However, this building was constructed in 2006.We are yet to find out if necessary clearance and approval has been taken from the responsible authorities to construct this building.”

“As we all know, our public, most of the time get clearance for their constructions some way or the other. But the repercussions of such acts are tragedies like these. So the public should be aware of the importance of taking our guidance and using our expertise when carrying out constructions such as these.”