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The Flemington turns five

27 September, 2020

A recent entrant in to Colombo’s property development arena, The Flemington recently celebrated five years in the industry.

During the past five years, The Flemington has maintained an active presence in Colombo’s property development industry. Since their opening in 2015, The Flemigton’s success in the community has continuously grown with an expanding property portfolio, client database and a track record that places a high value on integrity and commitment to their clients.

The Flemington offers elegant condominiums designed by award-winning architects and each project is designed and built with convenience in mind, situated in close proximity to leading supermarkets, hospitals, schools and restaurants in Colombo and Rajagiriya.

Founded by Managing Director, Shamitha Ganegoda, The Flemington is a passion project which reflects his experience in the real estate market in Australia, where he lived for 18 years. Working as a Financial Controller for a few Australian property development firms, Shamitha developed a passion for creating modern condominiums influenced by Australian concepts that provide spacious interiors with unparalleled privacy amidst the convenience of city living. He then set up his own company, EliSh Development Pty Ltd, an innovative property developer in Melbourne Australia and Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Beyond offering beautiful condos in convenient locations, Shamitha prides himself in holding The Flemington to the highest standards of integrity and commitment, which as a result has earned the developer a high level of trust and reliance from its clients.“It is important to me that The Flemington stands for trust and integrity.

We value the investment that is placed with us for a tenant to secure a home to increase their convenience and quality of life as they move into the city.

Our commitment to our clients remains steadfast from the point they sign with us to the time when we hand over their keys and Deeds to their home, said Managing Director of The Flemington, Shamitha Ganegoda.

To date, The Flemington has successfully completed and handed over two projects situated in Rajagiriya and 103 Campbell. A third property development project is currently underway.