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My favourite animal

27 September, 2020

My favourite animal is the cat. I love it very much. Cats are clean, gentle and cute. I have a cat. Its name is Poo and it has orange and white stripes on his body. Poo is adorable. We carry Poo, hug and play with it. He is now a part of our family. We look after him well. Poo likes to eat food such as noodles, fish, chicken and chicken bones. Poo is my companion. When I come home from school Poo runs quickly and climbs on my body. We must look after animals well. Cats are domestic pets.They need love, care and a home. Poo is my best animal friend in the world.

Sanula Dinsitha Lokugamage, Grade 7 H, Rahula College, Matara.