Softlogic Information Technologies launches 2-in-1 device | Sunday Observer

Softlogic Information Technologies launches 2-in-1 device

4 October, 2020

Softlogic Information Technologies (Pvt) Ltd. has launched an innovative and cost-effective, detachable (2-in-1) device designed for education and online learning purposes.

The device, the Chuwi Hi10 X is a multi-functional device that will make life easier for the new paradigm shift to digital learning.

CEO and Director of Softlogic Information Technologies (Pvt) Ltd., Roshan Rassool said, “During the recent pandemic a lot of changes had taken place in our day-to-day life.

One of the areas where changes have been imperative for continuation is the education sector. To continue educating children from the primary level right up to tertiary education, parents, schools, education institutes, universities and colleges had to adapt to online learning. Support services to education had to come up with innovative new technologies to connect the student and the teacher. One of the biggest concerns for many has been the cost factor of devices and Softlogic Information Technologies is proud to have a cost-effective solution in Chuwi”.

The Chuwi Hi10 X