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I dreamt I was in Disney Land

4 October, 2020

When I was sleeping, I dreamt I was in Disney Land. I saw many cartoon characters. When I was passing through the street everyone of the cartoon characters said, “Hi Elsa” and “Good Morning Elsa”. I was wondering why everyone was not saying my real name. I got angry because everyone said Elsa to me. Then I felt that my hair was white. Suddenly I saw a mirror in a shop. I went close to the mirror and I saw myself in the mirror, I was looking like Elsa.

Looking at myself I was surprised. I was so happy and then at the same time I heard someone crying. That was Anna. At that moment, I noted she had posted notices everywhere around Disney Land about “the loos of her sister”. I went near her, I said “Anna” and, I noticed, my voice was the same as Elsa’s.

Anna saw me, she was happy when I said “Anna”.She got up and said, “I missed you a lot Elsa”. She said “Elsa I need to show everything and everyone in the Disney Land. Then she showed, every princess. Their names were Moana, Rapunzel, Ariel, Cinderella, Bella, Tinkerbell, Queen Clarian, Fawn and Silvermist.

I was so happy that they said, “Welcome to Disney Land, you can do anything you want” and when I started to say “thank you” all of a sudden my mother woke me. I was sad, I thought if I had the powers of Elsa, I could do anything I like. It is the best dream I had dreamt in my life.

Damsi Senari Maddumabandara, Grade 5A, Hill Country International school, Kandy.