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The importance of trees

4 October, 2020

Trees and plants are very useful for human beings. They supply food for us. There are various kinds of trees. Jak and breadfruit trees give us carbohydrates. Coconuts are used to make curries. Brooms are made of coconut husks. There are many fruit trees in our environment such as mangoes, rambuttan, papaw and oranges which supply us with sweet fruits.

Mangosteens grow in the western coastal areas. We prepare sweet drinks from these fruits. Trees are a very important resource. It gives us medicine, food, shade and wood. But now people cut trees. If people cut all trees in the forest, the environment turns into a desert. We cannot live without trees. From ancient times people grew many plants. As a result they lived without any illness. Trees make nature beautiful.

Sanuthi Nuhansa Munasinghe, Grade 8, Taxila Maha Vidyalaya, Horana.