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My mother

4 October, 2020

Among all the women in the world, the best person I have ever seen is my mother. She is a doctor by profession and currently works at the General Hospital, Matara. She is really an energetic and hard working woman.

My mother is very smart both in what she says and does. She always manages her time perfectly and does her work well both at hospital and home. She is very kind and helpful to everyone. Since the day we were born, she has been looking after us like her own pair of eyes. She certainly sacrifices a lot to see us happy. I believe I am really lucky to have such a good person to be my mother. I love her very much and wish her a long and healthy life.

O.A. Mihija Lakthusa Chandrasena, Grade 6 K, Rajapaksa Central College, Weeraketiya.