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My wish for when I grow up

4 October, 2020

Everyone has an ambition or a dream about the future. It makes their lives better. I also have a dream about my future. I wish to be an English teacher. My mother says, it is very good because she is also an English teacher. I am an English medium student. I think it helps me to develop my knowledge of English.

I read books and watch movies in English. I have a dictionary and I refer to it always to find new words. My mother helps me greatly. I go to an elocution class to improve my speaking skills. My family members always help me. When I was young, I wore my mother’s sarees and taught my family members like a teacher.

I get the highest marks for English at every term test. I have to face many challenges to fulfil my dream. I will face them successfully. I like to be an English teacher because my favourite subject is English. I will teach my students well and bring out their different abilities.

K. Wasana, Grade 6, Deniyaya Central College, Deniyaya.