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Seylan celebrates World Children’s Month

11 October, 2020

Seylan Tikiri, a children’s savings account, is ready to encourage and celebrate young savers during October as they unfold the Seylan Tikiri World Children’s month for the 8th successful year. Seylan believes in inculcating the habit of saving within children in order to build a strong financial foundation while they’re young.

Children love to receive gifts be it in the simplest form, acts of appreciation bring happiness to their little worlds. Understanding the desires of their youngest customers this year, team Seylan is set to unfold a range of exclusive gifts for all young savers. Apart from gifts such as Bicycles, Tabs, Scooters and LED TVs young depositors can receive Hungry Frog Games and Sensor Driven Helicopters. For the very first-time deposits over Rs. 1 million during the month of October will receive exclusive Play Stations (PS4) and Home Theatre Systems revamping the Seylan Tikiri gift range to suit the dreams of the modern-day child.

Head of Marketing and Sales, Gamika de Silva said, “Seylan Tikiri, one of the most beloved children’s Savings products in the country continues to place great emphasis on providing children with the right platform to secure the financial strength which allows them to pursue their life’s hopes and dreams.

“Over the years, Seylan Tikiri has encouraged children to start saving from an early age by motivating and rewarding them through a variety of gift schemes and offers.

Children’s Day is celebrated on October 1 throughout the world, Seylan is the only bank in Sri Lanka to extend the celebrations throughout an entire month with exclusive gift schemes and benefits to encourage young savers,” he said.