‘There is a silver line In every dark cloud’ | Sunday Observer

‘There is a silver line In every dark cloud’

11 October, 2020

Dark clouds are clotting over the lucid sea
Smearing a steady spreaded ash in the pool below
Making me deject and desolating in thoughts
About past thus…
I’m drifting my eyes toward the horizon…
Not clear, but only the ash is there…
Not a single dot of gold or red…..
But my ultimate hope even to see the setting Sun…
What a glood in the fate I sink deep and reflect
Through dew drops… believe at last….
“There is a silver line in every dar cloud…”
Am I not in the EVE of a DAWN with a silvery Sun, formed by
Collecting every silverline,
Of every dark cloud?
Oh yes… All these dark clouds
Will vanish in the base of this massive sea…
So why the tears over a setting Sun…
The VIVID SUN will dazzle over the heavens of Sapphire…

Dilini H. Gunasena,