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Importance of English

11 October, 2020

The three important functions of a language are the Informative function, Expressive function and Directive function.

English is considered as the first global Ligua Franca. In the modern world the English language has become important in every field . It is an international language of communication, business, science, information technology and entertainment. Many countries have English as their native language.

In the world of globalisation, we have to acquire knowledge of advanced technologies. The English language is the means of scientific discourse.

The reasons why English is so important are: it is the most widely spoken language in the world, it is the language of international business, most movies are in English, it is easy to learn, it helps you understand other languages, we can say things in a hundred different ways, it can be used around the world, it is the language of sports and the language of the Internet and it continues to change.

Learning English is very important for our future.

Shalani Rithmi,
Grade 8 A,
Royal Internaitonal School, Kegalle.