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The place I live

11 October, 2020

The place where I live is Nakalagamuwa, a rural village. It is a few kilometres from the city of Kurunegala. The village is surrounded by mountains and a stream runs through the village.

The climate is cool and fresh, with greenery all around the village. Cows and goats are seen everywhere grazing in the lush green meadows. There is a temple, a church, paddy fields and many shady trees. The Village people live a simple life. Most of them are farmers. Each evening the stream becomes a noisy place with children bathing, splashing and swimming. Some wash clothes and some catch fish in the stream. The children run along the paddy fields, flying colourful kites. Some play cricket. The evening sky is filled with fluttering kites and the acrobatic flights of thousands of birds, King fishers, storks and ducks add beauty to the stream. Some children help their fathers to plough the field.

I love the village with its unspoilt and natural beauty. Nakalagamuwa is a heavenly place for me.

Rovinu Thathmire Jayasundara,
Grade 8 E, Maliyadewa Model School,