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Working in the science garden

11 October, 2020

On Friday, my classmates and I worked in the school science garden. We brought along plastic pails, water cans, trowels and gardening forks. We put on gardening gloves to protect our hands. We worked in groups of four.

First, we pulled out the weeds from the vegetable and flower beds. There were some weeds with very long roots, we used the trowels to loosen the soil around them and pulled them out. We put the weeds in plastic pails.

After that, we loosened the soil in the beds. We used the gardening forks. We worked quietly and quickly along the beds and finished our task in half an hour.

We watered the plants and flowers. Then, we brought the pails of weeds to the compost heap. We left the weeds there for the school gardener to turn them into compost. We used the compost to fertilise the plants.

I like working in the science garden. I enjoy looking at the colourful flowers and the green leaves. I feel happy when I see the plants growing well. If we look after them well, they will reward us with beautiful flowers and juicy fruits.

T.A. Bihanga Thatnadee
Grade 6 B,
Holy Family Convent,