Anuradhapura | Sunday Observer


18 October, 2020

Anuradhapura is a popular historical, religious and cultural city. It is in the North Central Province. There are eight places of worship in Anuradhapura.

There is a beautiful stepping stone to every place of worship at all these eight places. This stepping stone is known as the Moonstone. In Sinhala it is called the Sandakadapahana. It symbolises peace. There are also fascinating guard stones near the Abhayagiriya temple.

There are many irrigation tanks such as Tissa Wewa, Basawakkulama Wewa, Kala Wewa and Balalu Wewa. Anuradhapura is a great tourist attraction. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

K.B. Dewmini Tharushika,
Grade 7,
Homagama Maha Vidyalaya,