Three sports bodies ready to hold AGMs | Sunday Observer

Three sports bodies ready to hold AGMs

18 October, 2020

Three sports bodies that are under the direct administration of the Sports Director General, due to their internal problems, are ready to conduct elections as soon as possible.

The three sports bodies are Sri Lanka Cycling Federation, Sri Lanka Power lifting Federation and Sri Lanka Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation.

A total of 24 sports bodies have not conducted their Annual General Meetings for this year so far. The Sports Ministry has extended the final date for elections to November 30. There are many serious allegations against the three sports bodies especially their inability to submit the audited financial report on time and not conducting elections at the scheduled time.

Three top officials from the Cycling Federation who failed to appear at an inquiry were banned from the sport last month.

As many as 69 national sports bodies are registered with the Sports Ministry while a few more have applied for registration. (DR)