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Rambukpotha Oya

Nature’s beautiful gift to man

18 October, 2020

The midnight journey  was not inconvenient  but joyful, and  ended at Hunnasgiriya by 4.20 am. We had a  hot cup of tea at the re kade, counting  our fingers till the bright day light broke.  The green Rambukpotha mountain which is about 1,340 metres above mean sea level could  be clearly seen from the main road .Through the forest cover the waterfall could be seen as silver lines cascading to  the beautiful Rambukpotha oya.

We started our journey from Rambukpotha junction on the main road. We kept on walking along the concrete road  for about two kms to reach iron bridge which was the starting point of our trail.

This was our first hike over the river and it led us to six magnificent waterfalls.

As we walked on the foot path shown to us  by a villager, we found  the oya but could only see different sized rock debris  covering the whole area of  the Rambukpotha (Bambaragan) oya. The thick tree canopy above us made the environment gloomy.

The experienced guys among us  took  up the challenge and got into the oya holding  on to giant  pieces of rock. The dried river had water only to our knee level. The adventurous hiking was dangerous and made us tired, as we could complete less than one km within half an hour to reach the second waterfall.

The high, wide stiff rock surface about 50 metres in height allowed the cascades  to fall in two stages to make a beautiful fall. Then we turned to the right of the river bank to find a way to climb up further. After  a short hike through the forest we reached the top of the second waterfall.. There we found a breathtaking, panoramic view  including the famous  Medamahanuwara Kanda or Rajagala Kanda where our last king Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe’s palace was situated.

A few metres ahead on a wet, rocky surface we could see the  third and fourth waterfalls.

Creeping through the forest canopy we moved to the top - an open area. The flat ground  had a hidden, abandoned rock wall which may be from the pre-colonial period.

When we reached the  second viewing point we took a break to  enjoy some biscuits. From here, we could clearly see a part of the fifth waterfall, but the lower part of the waterfall was hidden  by the forest. The fifth fall  cascades  dividing  into two  and making two falls on the same rock.

Our hiking path became  more difficult as we climbed. But we managed to climb holding on to branches.

When we  left the forest  and again reached the oya to continue our exciting hike.

The short hike came to an end with the last fall.   It is the gorgeous waterfall named Rambukpotha falls about 160 feet high. There  was a rock cave just behind the waterfall  but we could not  enter the cave as it was very dangerous  to tread on the  wet  rock steps.   .

After spending hours enjoying the breeze  we turned back to  go to our our starting point .

The aroma of our potato curry increased our hunger growing  and we had roti for lunch. It was one great hike over the river.