Shawn Mendes returns with new single and album Wonder | Sunday Observer

Shawn Mendes returns with new single and album Wonder

18 October, 2020

Shawn  Mendes confirmed his status of global pop star in the past few years  with his highly successful self titled album and singles like ‘In My Blood’, ‘Lost In Japan’ and most recently the duet ‘Señorita’ with his girlfriend Camila Cabello.  Now, a year later, the Canadian pop star is ready to kick off a brand  new era of his career. He announced earlier this week that his new  album Wonder is out on the 4th of December, while he dropped the intro to the record and the new single with the same name soon after.

Mendes  co-wrote and co-produced his comeback single together with Nate  Mercereau, Scott Harris and Kid Harpoon. ‘Wonder’ could best be  described as an anthemic, dynamic and climactic pop song. The track has a  big chorus with big notes, similar to the vibe of his previous comeback  track ‘In My Blood’. Shawn’s vocal work is delicate and heartfelt as  always, as he sings about wondering how to express his true self and his  emotions. “I wonder, when I cry into my hands I’m conditioned to feel  like it makes me less of a man”, he asks himself.

The  lyrics of self discovery all come together in a belting chorus that  does have a hopeful, almost euphoric quality to it. This is the perfect  introduction to a new phase in both the life and career of Shawn Mendes  and I am pretty sure it will further cement his position as one of the  major pop stars of the world.