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FITIS launches corporate webinars

25 October, 2020

The Federation of Information Technology Industry Sri Lanka (FITIS), the apex body of the ICT industry, has launched a series of corporate webinars on the theme “Ask FITIS For Your Digital Solutions” for C-Level participants of companies to engage in a virtual conversation with tech leaders who are members and partners of FITIS.

Chairman, FITIS, Abbas Kamrudeen said, “On a long term point of view we would like to see the effective use of technology within every element of the economy, be it the public sector, the private sector, exporters, SMEs or the public, which will contribute 7% growth to the GDP over the next three years and accelerate digital adoption within our companies.”

The companies which will partner these webinars are ADL, Just In Time Group, Lanka Bell, LK Domain Registry, Luna Labs, OREL IT, Sarva Colombo, SLTC, Zillione Solutions, Softlogic-Dell Technologies, Slash Tec Labs, TechCert, Sophod-Sinetcom, EY, Redignthon-IBM, TextWare, LankaPay, H-One, VizuaMatix, SLT and Mobitel.