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OPPO F17 launched with youth icons

25 October, 2020

The launch of OPPO’s latest model, OPPO F17 took place recently in Sri Lanka with some of the most popular youth icons in the country – actor and singer Raween Kanishka of Deveni Inima fame, Tanasha Hatharasinghe of popular tele serial Neela Pabalu and popular travel blogger Ayesh Perera.

The event will be also joined by dancing sensation Ramod Malaka, Wellness coach and social media personality Randy Senevirathne and top TechYoutuber and Tech guru Chanuxbro.

Raween Kanishka in an Instagram video expressed excitement for the event stating that it was a ‘one of a kind’ experience and a product especially designed with the millennial audience in mind. Ramod Malaka echoed the same sentiment, adding: “As a content creator, I think this phone will be ideal for me given its camera quality and long battery life”.

Actress Tanasha Hatharasinghe too expressed interest for the new mobile phone especially highlighting how it would be her ‘trusted friend’ always bringing out the best in them through the state-of-the-art camera built for self-taking. Tanasha said, “I am sure with my new OPPO phone I will be able to capture better, more life-like images for my Instagram which has a massive following exceeding 500k followers.”

Shehani Kahandawala another popular actress and social media influencer who is also associated with the launch of the new OPPO F series smart phone model quipped ‘F17 Pro fits so well with what I do and compliments I do on social media so well. Randy and Ayesh, the fitness trainer and travel blogger respectively, said that the phone seemed very compatible with their lifestyles; Ayesh noted: “I am always on the go and I am thrilled this phone eliminates the need for carrying around hefty equipment – the OPPO F17 Pro not only has unparalleled battery life but also captures images in exceptional quality. This is a wildlife enthusiast’s dream come true!”

Chanux bro who represents the tech fraternity of Sri Lanka meanwhile opined: “Since inception, the OPPO brand has captured the hearts of youth worldwide with great strides made in mobile technology and mobile photography. I am glad to join-in launching the OPPO F17.”