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SLT partners with Fon Wireless

1 November, 2020

With the launch of the sltgo Wi-Fi solution, SLT broadband customers and overall internet consumers of Sri Lanka will be able to enjoy Wi-Fi connectivity on the go via community Wi-Fi networks. This connectivity will extend to over 23 million Wi-Fi hotspot connections in over 25 countries around the world. 

Community Wi-Fi networks offer wireless network access to visitors and nearby users thus creating a virtual public Wi-Fi network.

Fon Wireless Limited is a global wireless network that pioneered residential WiFi sharing over a decade ago. sltgo allows access to unlimited data using your smartphone, mobile device or laptop for Prepaid customers. Users may access the service in two ways. SLT Broadband customers need to simply use their current username and password.

Any other customers may enjoy this service by purchasing Wi-Fi passes as a prepaid solution to enjoy the service provided. 

sltgo will create an additional Wi-Fi network in your home broadband; the private one already used by you and another for public sltgo consumers.  Upon activating the service, you can access community networks in Sri Lanka either by downloading the sltgo mobile app or using the sltgo web portal.

To access community networks overseas, users can connect using the sltgo mobile app or select a Fon network in your Wi-Fi settings. When using the mobile app, customers who have logged in using their SLT broadband ID and password, will automatically be connected to sltgo when in range of a Wi-Fi hotspot. CEO SLT, Kiththi Perera stated, “As the national telecommunication service provider, we take pride in collaborating with Fon Wireless Limited to bring you Community Wi-Fi networks, a way to stay connected no matter where in the world you are. We recognize the importance of being able to stay connected and how this is sometimes quite tedious when you’re on the move or travelling abroad. SLT has provided a solution to this problem.

We are extremely grateful to Fon Wireless Limited for partnering with us and helping us make this possible”.