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New arrivals

1 November, 2020

Piyadasa Sirisena Wimarshana

Author – Cosultant Dr. B.G.A. Widyathilake
Publisher –Sarasavi Publishers
Pages – 960 Price–Rs. 1500

Piyadasa Sirisena (1875–1946) is an inaugural Sinhala novelist in early part of 20th century. He was a poet, patriotic leader, newspaper journalist, and a leader of non–alcoholic movement and freedom struggle. This book gives new insights into Piyadasa Sirisena’s literary movement, journalistic movement and his freedom struggle. This is the first book that is focused on him so widely.


Adambarakaara Puthek

Author –Amitha Rabbidigala
Publisher –Sarasavi Publishers
Pages –142 Price–Rs. 275

This is a juvenile novel and it was based on the character or Surath. Each day each incident for Surath is new. Adambarakaara Puthek or Arrogant son tells the story of Surath in a series of day today incidents. Author in this book says she is happy if the reader also feels the same compassion, ecstasy and sad as the author.


Consenting in Gyanaecology

Author – Dhammika Silva
Publisher – Sarasavi Publishers
Pages –154 Price – Rs. 1000

Gyanaecology surgeries performed over the years for given disorders have improved clinical outcomes significantly. The medical staff, care givers and patents themselves find it difficult to keep updated with the current developments in surgical procedure. This volume describes in structured format the indications, preoperative preparations and the expected outcomes in simple language enabling all stakeholders to be updated with the proposed surgical procedure with CD.


Mission Einstein

Translator – Dileepa Jayakody
Publisher – Surasa Publishers
Pages – 602 Price – Rs. 800

Mission Einstein, a Sinhala translation of Watchers, a novel by Dean Koontz. It depicts the aspects of good and bad, light and dark, happy and sad. Travis who is the protagonist of the novel, is suffering from his wife’s untimely death. Then he meets Nora. But thereafter a wave of dreadful murders starts to happen. Meanwhile FBI chief Lamuwel and Sherif Gens come forward to catch the murderer, but it was so much difficult to catch the murderer. This is a thriller and reader can enjoy lot.