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Stepping towards Inner Engineering

1 November, 2020

This series of Inner Engineering guidance based on Sadhguru’s teachings will lead you to find the truth about your existence and to create the best out of your life experience on earth. Sadhguru is an Indian yogi and an author who's being largely followed by people across the world. He was awarded the Padma Vibhushan in 2017, India's second-highest civilian award, by the Government of India for his services in social services. The teachings of Sadhguru is an eye-opener and his perception of Inner Engineering is guidance to see things beyond one's capacity.

The excelled energies and capacities of human beings are beyond eating, sleeping and reproducing. Since the day you wanted to be little more than what you are right now has led to evolution within us as well as the external world.

Living well internally and externally depends on how well we live here while managing ourselves. Fundamentally, life is management.

The comforts and luxuries in human lives have turned into curses in their lives. It is simply because we continuously put a lot of effort into creating comfort to make easy our physical existence. As humans, we have done a lot of engineering in the world outside. Over the centuries, we have only exerted all our strength in expanding economics and in building nations.

As a result, we enjoy a huge level of comfort and convenience in the world today. It is the kind of comfort and convenience no other generation of humans could enjoy. Even though we are the most comfortable creatures on this planet, we are not the most peaceful living beings on the planet.

In many ways, we have become the most complaining generation in existence. As you see, the world has been engineered the way we wanted, but we have not engineered ourselves the way we want ourselves to be. So there is a certain way to engineer our systems to make our body-mind very chemistry.

If our wish is to be blissful, to become blissful within inside it doesn't take too much effort. But making the outside world blissful costs too many things. People have never read the manual of a human being which guides to function or engineer the way one wants it to be. If anybody wants health, peace, blissfulness, he need to pay attention to the inner mechanism of himself. Paying attention to that and moulding it the way we want is called Inner Engineering.

Emerging topic

You can look at everything joyfully, or you can look at everything with great misery. It is important to understand that your joy and misery come from within you. A never-ending ride on the rollercoaster of stress, depression, anxiety, misery, and madness means that your intelligence has stood against you. People who have failed in their lives are suffering their failure and those who have succeeded in their life are suffering their success. Suffering the failure could be called natural because failure comes easily. But if you suffer the success, it is a great tragedy as you have invested a certain period from your life in overcoming enormous hardships and striving through challenges.

Successful people

Pathetically, many successful people are suffering. Look into yourself and recall how happy you were at five years of age and how happy you are right now. Ask yourself whether it is increasing or declining. Out of the past 24 hours, how many hours were you happy? We have forgotten the purpose behind everything we do and sacrifice is in pursuit of happiness.

Anybody who doesn’t manage their own body, emotions, thoughts and energies, exists as an accident. When you exist as an accident, you are a potential calamity. When you exist as a potential calamity, being anxious, sad, or stressed is natural all the time.

Today, people are discussing stress management anywhere, anytime. They have concluded that doing any kind of activity could leave you stressed. When you don't pay attention to nature and the functions of your mind, it is more likely to become stressed, despite you do something or don’t do anything. Trying to change external situations and people is a disaster.

But taking care of only one mind which is yours is simple and easy. Every management we are doing is for human wellbeing. To rise to the full potential means reaching the peak of love, peace and joy.