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The Last Latte

1 November, 2020

The Last Latte, the latest novel by Sri Lankan writer Dilshan Boange is now available for purchase. The story is set in a fictionalised scenario of contemporary Colombo on the verge of becoming a theatre of war in a regional confrontation, and looks at the quiet dilemma faced by two men of the affluent upper urban class who built and operated Colombo’s chicest coffeehouse called ‘Christy’s Caffe Lounge’. A story carrying themes of nostalgia, escapism, shattered illusions and uncommon bonds of friendship, The Last Latte will prove to be a fiction that is reflective of what challenges may befall Sri Lanka’s capital when observing current regional and global political events.

The back cover blurbs describe the novel as:

“An intriguing and somewhat alarmingly plausible vision of a dystopian Colombo.” - Ashok Ferrey

“What would happen to Sri Lanka if the region's two biggest nuclear and economic powers, India and China went to war? As a keen observer and insightful commentator on South Asian current affairs, Dilshan Boange writes a credible fiction woven around the dynamic region with authority and eloquence.

For Indian readers genuinely interested in how the region views India, The Last Latte is a gripping must-read.” –Padma Rao Sundarji (Author: Sri Lanka: The New Country [2015], and former South Asia Bureau Chief of Der Spiegel).

With an insightful foreword written by US playwright and screenwriter Martin Casella, The Last Latte, priced at 650/-, will be available at all branches of Sarasavi Bookshop, Expographics, and Samayawardhana Bookshop.