Plight of the girl child | Sunday Observer

Plight of the girl child

1 November, 2020

You have been beaten down

by the pressure of the world,

You have been made to feel ashamed

just for being a girl

You have felt uncomfortable in the walls of

your own skin

You don't know what's expected,

are you too dark, too thin?

You feel like you don't matter,

like you don't have a choice

But no matter what they tell you,

they cannot take your voice

Their words don't define you,

there's nothing to regret

For you, you do matter;

you cannot give up yet

Their ideas on what you need to be,

they don't have to be your own

And no matter what you'll go through,

you won't ever be alone

There is an army of soldiers, of warriors,

just like you

And they are fighting for what's right,

and that is what you will do.

There are so many cases of

unfairness; assault

Where our daughters are told

that it is their fault

It is not in the clothes you wear;

the way you behave,

it's not the truth is in our sons,

that's what we need to stop

Your days may seem dark,

but soon you will see light

That starts from within you;

let it burn bright

Deep from your soul;

the heart of the flame

You are in control, powerful;

you will not be tamed.

It's easy to forget to see your

own value and worth

You are the only version of

you to exist upon this earth,

And just the way you are is

all you ever have to be

So strive to empower,

live happy, live free...