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Ariana Grande serves ’60s glamour in Positions music video

Time to go vintage shopping

1 November, 2020

Ariana Grande is serving up ‘60s-era Commander-in-Chic vibes in the video for her latest single, Positions, and we’re all about the throwback looks.

In the video, which was released on October 23, Ari plays the president and is seen in a variety of presidential moments, from working with her staff to signing documents in the Oval Office. Instead of rocking pant- and skirt-suits, however, President Grande goes for a very Jackie Kennedy look, with lots of little hats, bubble earrings, and simple, fitted silhouettes.

In the first scene, Ari is seen wearing a white hat, gloves, and earrings with a black dress trimmed in white, alongside a very presidential strand of pearls. We see her again in the same outfit, this time accessorised with a mod black and white cape. Her signature pony is gone, replaced by a ‘60s-esque short flip ‘do, but her cat-eye liner and neutral lips remain the same.

In another scene, Ari is down in the White House kitchen making a meal, wearing a lacy white boned corset top with her hair in a very La Dolce Vita bouffant. She pairs her cheeky ensemble with an apron (of course! and a pair of white platform heels. On the beauty font, she rocks pinkish mauve lip and luscious lashes.

For a press conference, President Grande opts for a strapless black peplum dress, black tights, and matching gloves embellished with rhinestones. She even pops her feet up on the desk to show off her sparkly silver heels! Later, in the hallway, we see her in a ‘60s-Ari-meets-2020-Ari ‘fit: an oversized beige jacket, white miniskirt, and skyscraper platforms, which she accessorises with a huge bow in her hair and another pair of big earrings. It’s a little bit mod and a little bit modern, to say the least.

In yet another press conference, our president keeps the Jackie Kennedy vibes going with an ivory pillbox hat (the former First Lady’s fave), matching short-sleeved midi dress, and a few massive strands of pearls — very presidential indeed! To pin medals on USPS workers, President Grande opts for a marigold yellow jacket and skirt set with thigh-high boots and a black crop top, and towards the end of the vid, we see her walking her dogs on the White House lawn in a stylish black and white houndstooth coat with a coordinating black hat. We also briefly see her in the presidential suite rocking a black corset and major gems.

While Ariana may not be on the path to the White House (yet), the looks in the Positions video show that she’d be ready to make the Oval Office a far more stylish place than it is right now. Is this a new era for one of our fave pop stars? We’ll have to wait for her new album to drop, but until then, it’s time to go vintage shopping!