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Roaming the suburbs of Kerala

8 November, 2020
 A Mosque in Thiruvanathapuram
A Mosque in Thiruvanathapuram

Travelling gives you wings to explore the diversity of the world. Being in different places on earth could give you countless number of sensory memories. Besides, it could build your resistance to rough and tough situations while establishing qualities of resilience. It leaves you with stories to relate and memories to cherish. Human beings are like ants on this planet, no matter how far you have travelled, there will be more places you’ve missed out.

A traveller’s life is vivid and full of colour. A human being must be on the move when he/she is alive, because there’s plenty of time to rest thereafter. Living the life of a nomad and wandering with the abundance of freedom is a priceless experience, worthwhile to choose.

Diversity of cultures

Flying across Asia gives you a different taste of experience. As the geographical deviations initiate, the uniqueness of terrains, nature, villages, inhabitants, lifestyles, beliefs, language, delicacies, and many more surround one’s life. One can immerse in the diversity of cultures by visiting any Asian country. The Asians welcome quality and their hospitality towards foreigners has raised them high in terms of humanity.

Cultural diversity is vast, and the beauty of different colorful communities would leave you amazed as to how distinctness connects people. Speaking about vividness and vastness, we cannot forget this Asian country which has attracted the whole world, manifesting its extraordinariness.

It is none other than India, the land of thirty-three thousand million gods and goddesses. The cultural, geographical, and ethnic diversity in India is unbelievable. No matter where you roam in India, the country will never fail to colour your experience and gift you moments of excitement and pleasure in every step of your journey.

Of all the states in India, Kerala holds its pride in being the most attractive tourist destination in Southern India. The Kerala state is the hub of natural resources and distinct topographical features.

Natural beauty

The natural beauty inherent in Kerala is an exciting topic to discuss each time you visit the state. Apart from that, the urban diversity in the suburbs of Kerala is most captivating.

The Hindus, Catholics, Muslims, and the other communities who represent different beliefs live in harmony and peace, and it is the reason why Kerala is well-nourished in cultural diversity.

Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala treasures historical locations such as religious places, constructions built during the British invasion, castles, and monuments dedicated to national heroes. Apart from that, Thiruvananthapuram is an ideal city to roam around.

The zoological park, temples, schools, iconic beaches, shopping malls, street food boutiques, jewellery shops, cinema theatres, street musical shows, and entertaining events that happen within the city have made it a sleepless city throughout the day.

The native delicacies are another reason why you must visit the Kerala state. Kerala saris and jewellery have captured the hearts of women as they beautify them in the typical South Indian style.

India is the magical land of the Asian continent. Invest in this million-dollar idea of travelling to this amazing state in India.

Kerala is one of a kind destination that could boost your spirits in no time. And it is the reason why you should add Kerala to your pending travel bucket list.