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An app to fight Covd-19

8 November, 2020

The Covid-19 virus is on a long run, spreading it to humans worldwide. Throughout history, pandemics have been notorious for massacring millions of humans and animals. The Covid-19 virus is deadly, and the human tendency to y resist health measures has empowered it even more. The extreme contagiousness of the virus and the delayed indication of symptoms have given wings for the virus to spread itself all over. We owe to the sacrifice, dedication, and immense contribution of the health sector service providers, for bringing back life and hope, despite taking care of their health and loved ones. The whole world is in an ultimate fight for life while learning the lesson of not taking things for granted. We all know that we could beat the virus by following health precautions and wearing safety gear. The mistakes of the public now have made the virus travel all over the place.

Mobile Application

However, the bright side of the story is that there are many things we could still do if we use our brains. It is high time that we should work 'smart' to fight the pandemic with our technological and medical advancements. As such, a "Mobile Application," which minimises the community spread of the Covid-19 virus has been introduced by two innovative individuals in our country.

Dr. Lahiru Prabodha a medical officer from the Dikoya Hospital, and Lahiru Sampath, a final year student from the Department of Information Technology, Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce, University of Jayewardenepura, created an exclusive app which detects associates of Covid-19 patients. "Sri Lanka is battling this pandemic with all its efforts, and health service workers are the front line fighters who fight a real battle in this case. We cannot ignore how fatal the situations could turn in the future.

Therefore, we need to work together to our fullest capacities to take control of this scenario. While focusing on the current situation in Sri Lanka, the number of Corona patients hit a peak within a few days in the blink of an eye, and finding out the associates of the Corona patients is the 'most difficult' task the Government faced. As a solution to this issue, I and LahiruSampath, who is a final year student at the University of Jayewardenepura, developed an application that detects the associates of Corona patients", Dr. Lahiru told Youth Magazine.

He said, "this software application enables the health service sector officials to gather the details of Covid-19 patients online without meeting them in person. The maximum use of this application is when every person downloads it. Also, we have introduced an offline procedure for those who don't have a smart phone. Most importantly, I should say we both developed this application in an advanced way which ensures the safety of personal information. Besides, we would like to offer this application to the Government free, and we kindly request government officials to make use of it to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus".

Heroes without capes

Dr. Lahiru Prabodha and Lahiru Sampath’s immense contribution and dedication to reducing the spread of the Corona spread within the country is outstanding. As young people, they hold the responsibility of serving the country in emergent situations like this. If every human resource is put together, we can save a life at a time. These two young innovators have taken the first step, and the rest has to follow. Appreciation is not enough; we owe our lives to the heroes without capes.