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The basic rules of Boxing

8 November, 2020

As in any other game, there are rules in boxing that must be strictly followed. For anyone who is going to start training or has already begun to engage in it, it will be useful to know the main principles of the fights among professionals and amateurs.

Having studied the basic rules, your workout will be more effective and focused. Regular exercises, sparring with a partner will allow you to quickly consolidate the theory into practice. Focusing on the young and just beginning to engage athletes, we present the rules of boxing rather briefly.

Rules for beginners

Boxing is an individual contact sport. During a fight, two athletes strike each other with fists above the belt. At the same time, various combat techniques are used. The goal is to deliver as many blows to the enemy as possible and protect yourself from his attacks.

According to the rules, competitions are held in a ring where only a referee can be present during a duel other than the two fighters.

Athletes must wear gloves of the same weight. The rules of strikes in boxing are described in detail, the judges count a certain number of points for successful strikes. Directional strikes made by the front of the glove are counted in the body of the enemy above the belt or in his head.

A fight may have a different number of rounds. It depends on the age and skill level of opponents. For example, teenagers 12-14 years old compete for three rounds of one minute each - the boxing rules for beginners are more liberal. Sparring partners must match each other in terms of age, experience, and weight. The winner is the boxer who has more points at the end of the fighting. In the case of knocking out an opponent, victory is assigned immediately - this is the rule for all types of boxing in the ring.

Amateur boxing rules

In 1904, boxing was introduced to the Olympic Games. The rules of the battle in adult amateur boxing involve fights that have four rounds of two minutes each. When selecting  the winner of the competition the total number of points for all the rounds is taken into account.  The rules of amateur boxing determine the wearing of gloves, in which the thumb is attached to the rest. This makes it possible to protect the enemy from being hit too hard.

Professional boxing rules

Professional boxer fights can fight up to 12 rounds. The winner of a round gets 10 points and the loser - from six to nine points. The fight is carried out strictly according to the rules of boxing. The competition can be stopped ahead of time at the request of one of the boxers if the forces of the opponents are unequal, that the referee can decide, or by order of the doctor.

Breaking the rules

The referee and judges look for violations of the rules. In case of violation, the athlete can be warned, punished with the removal of points earned or disqualified. Fighters cannot be hit below the belt, in the back, on the kidneys, or on the back of the neck.

Attacks should only be carried out by  the front of the glove. You cannot fight, grab, lean on the enemy, hit a recumbent. It is forbidden to defend passively, to stand and turn your back to the opponent. This is basic information about boxing rules which newcomers must master first. You need to follow these rules in boxing. The fighters respect each other and follow the instructions of the referee.