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8 November, 2020


He gave her a red rose,
Swearing his love.
She kept it on the bed stand
Thought it’s pure like a dove.

She dreamt through the night
Of a future she adored.
The morning came, she woke up
And found the rose withered

By Ymarney



It was a beautiful fish tank
with compatible personalities
worked together, shared together,
cheerful and peaceful
but then
a fighting fish
had an opportunity to join them
but it did not know
to get along with the others
it was chasing, attacking others
spoiled the atmosphere
and it lost its opportunity
to be there anymore
You never win over Jealousy!

Sharmini Natasha


Forever A Good Friend

The Voyage is hard-wearing.
She laid herself on the edge of the narrow boat.
Isolated in her own World with a wooden oar.
Impregnated with unnumbered thoughts .
Like a cyclone they swirl in her mind.
Intermittently, tears and laughter overwhelm her.
Life is dull in thy absence.
In thy presence the heart is struck to admire thee.
The lucky dark choco chip pop out in thy chin.
Thy charming eyes dragged and draped hers.
The athletic body frame triggered her soul.
The flow of humble and caring words , maketh her day.
Thy strong aroma curling inside her pleura, remembering thy presence.
The disturbed sea, to toll her back from thee to her sole self.
She paddles strenuously .
Her soft palm is rough now.
Eyes are drowned with tears.
Smeared with grief, weak is her conscience .
On spur of the time, dreadful storm immersed her with
her sweet memories of you.
Thus , giving thee space to meet thy perfect match.
Afresh is her soul, boldly, crafted on her wooden oar,

W. Roshani Fernando.