“Sri Lanka Tourism’s Couch Safari gains popularity” | Sunday Observer

“Sri Lanka Tourism’s Couch Safari gains popularity”

15 November, 2020

Wildlife safari live-streaming concept introduced by Sri Lanka Tourism has gathered interest not only by domestic travellers but also by potential overseas travellers. First episodes covering Minneriya and Kaudulla National Parks have created over 100,000 impressions on social media and close to 800 comments, according to Sri Lanka Tourism sources.

“We have had a great response from viewers, and the engagement is very high. There is such a latent demand for wildlife on the island and this shows the necessity of promoting Sri Lanka’s wildlife to the world. We have received a large number of requests for the proposed competition too. We request all Sri Lankans to share this link with overseas friends and business partners to further amplify the reach,” said Chairperson of Sri Lanka Tourism, Kimarli Fernando. 

The live streaming was not limited to Facebook and YouTube; the streaming was also shared simultaneously on leading streaming channels in the world such as Roku TV, Apple TV and Periscope.

The safari drives broadcast from four popular National Parks of Sri Lanka let viewers have a sneak peek into the lives of majestic beasts of the paradise island without leaving their home.

The show is unscripted and unpredictable, as exciting as it gets with the narrations from prominent wildlife experts explaining the events as they occur; with the ability to choose between sunrise and sunset safaris from each National Park to interact with our safari hosts and have questions answered in real-time.

Experts answered questions in real-time while sharing knowledge on the wildlife of Sri Lanka including the Sri Lankan Elephant endemic to the island and explained the complexity of the human-elephant conflict as well.

Partnering up with some of the leading hotel chains, Sri Lanka Tourism launched a competition for foreign viewers to win a getaway in Sri Lanka. The participants are asked to share a holiday photo from Sri Lanka on their Facebook/Instagram account with a short, creative description before November 13 to be eligible for the giveaway.

The winners will be chosen from the emails sent with screenshots of the posts to [email protected] with the subject My SriLankan Story.